Logging In

Before entering TestWiz, you are required to enter a User Name and password.


  1. At the Login Page, enter your User Name and password provided by your administrator. Be aware that passwords are case-sensitive.

    If you forget your User Name, you may enter the email address associated with your user account.

    If you forget your password, refer to the forgetting your password instructions below.

  2. Click the Login button.

  3. You arrive at the Home Page. From here, you can navigate to other sections in the application. The sections to which you have access depend on the level of access rights given to you by your administrator.

  4. To log out later, click Logout from the top menu bar.


Forgetting Your Password


If you forget your password:


  1. Click the Forgot your password? link located to the right of the Password text box.

  2. The Password Reset page appears.

  3. Enter either your User Name or email address into the text box and click Submit.

  4. Look in your email for a message from TestWiz@CerticaSolutions.com and open it.

  5. Click the link provided in the email message. This reopens the Password Reset page where you can now set up a new password.

  6. Enter a new password into the New Password box.

  7. Enter the same password into the Repeat New Password box.

  8. Click Save Password.

  9. The Login page appears. You may now log in using the new password.


If you need assistance, please call Certica Solutions toll-free at: 877-456-8949